4 Traits That Every Marketing Professional Must Have

The 4 traits that I believe separates successful marketers from the rest. 1.) Passion - If you're truly not passionate about marketing then you will fall short with your goals every time. Passion is the foundation of true success. It drives our discipline, motivation, ability to learn, and pulls us up when we fail. If you have no passion in marketing, don't expect great results. 2.) Planning - Proper planning takes time and patience. Take the time to research and plan out your strategy. Don't jump right in to the execution phase. There is no such thing as a "Marketing Emergency." Sales will come with the proper strategy. 3.) Persistence - Don't give up after your idea fails. If your strategy

The Importance of Good Habits

Our personalities are a composite of our attitudes, habits and appearance. Our habits become who we are. I don't think there has ever been enough emphasis placed on good habits. We are taught to avoid bad habits such as smoking, drugs, cursing, laziness, etc. I'm glad there is a strong focus placed on those, however, there needs to be a strong emphasis on the importance of good habits as well. Most of our habits start out as a single thread we barely notice... ...Then our habit turns into a small cord ...Eventually a rope ...Before long it's a metal cable ...Soon it becomes so strong it's a part of us.. It defines us. At this point your brain has lost control and your body has created a musc

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