Who do you think you are? Who are you Truly? Are you what you want others to think you are? Are you trying to live someone else's life? The need for acceptance can make your true self invisible. Don't be embarrassed about who you truly are and what you're called to do. Take a risk! Risk being seen in all your Glory - as Jim Carrey says. Develop compassion for yourself despite your human defects. You will never be perfect. I have struggled with this for years because it's hard to figure out "who you are." The media tells you who you should and shouldn't be, society molds you into it's own version of you, kids bully us early on to change us and fear ends up controlling our destiny and true sel


Having unique goals, high expectations for yourself, and big dreams can look odd to others that are just living their life day-to-day. Those simply going day-to-day living their life 8-5 and in a full automated routine are referred to as living the "common life". When you tell others your goals or what you want to get out of life... don't expect them to understand it. Anticipate those around you to be negative and confused as to why you think you can do something that big in your life. THEY'LL TELL YOU: "You say you want to write book someday?!" You can't do that, you never went to school for journalism or writing!" "You want to be a doctor? You don't have the money to do that." YOU NEED TO


BEING CONTENT WITH WHAT YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU ARE. A lot of people want to think that a new car, bigger home, or better clothes will bring more happiness. And it may temporarily, but those external tangible things always lead to discontentment. I once heard a well-known speaker say "If you put the old-you in the new car, you're going to get the same old results." The power of the mind is incredible. You can change out your car, your house, your wardrobe, your spouse, and still get the same experience. If you change your mind you'll change your life. If you think buying stuff is going to make you content and happy you will be riding that Ferris wheel for a long time. Become content with yours

If you do what is easy...life will be hard. But if you do what is hard life will be easy.

If you do what is easy...life will be hard. But if you do what is hard life will be easy. Don't take the shortcut in life. Work the extra hours. If you're single and not in a relationship you have no excuse. Don't leave at 5pm and go home to sit on the couch and play video games or watch a Netflix series. Use your time wisely to invest in yourself, your dreams, your finances, your business, or your family. Don't go where the path may lead, but go where there is no path and leave a trail. (Les Brown said it once)

The things you envy are all far less important than you think

There's always going to be someone in your work, your neighborhood, your social circle or your industry who's doing "better" than you. Accept it and be happy for them and be happy with yourself. Don't let their "success" stifle your motivation and drive. Don't compare your life, your goals, your treasures, your talents, your clothes, your cars, your house, or your whatever to anyone else. The sooner you realize that, the better.

There is nothing as powerful as a changed mind

You can change your job, your car, your clothes, your house, your spouse or your friends... But if you don't change your mind you'll constantly have the same experiences, disappointments and regrets. Start tuning out the critics outside and inside (YOU). Your words are what you are. Language is the software of the mind! What you say is planting a seed in your subconsciousness. Your life will move in the direction of your words. Positive self talk = Prosperous Walk... Poor Mouth = Poor Life. Change your mind and you change your life.

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